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我對於繪畫和藝術一直有著一種很深的熱情,與 OSHO 以及Meera Hashimoto的相遇,重新打開了我對藝術熱情的大門,舞蹈、音樂、繪畫... 這些我夢寐以求的創造力,這些啟發與靜心為這些創造力帶來了新的色彩、洞見與深度。


Art and painting always have something that makes me moved. And after met Osho and Meera Hashimoto, their work and spirit deeply inspired me. Dance, music, love, passion, and meditation... all these together bring this passion for art back to my life. Slowly it is growing, like a fragile flower slowly opening.

Here are some of my painting during this year.

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